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What is your process?

The process of building a brand new website is fairly straightforward but may vary on a case-by-case basis. Before starting the project, I will add you to my project management software so that you can see the timeline, check progress in real-time and leave comments.


Stage 1: Research & Planning

I will send you a questionnaire to better understand your needs and design preferences. After, we’ll discuss your website and functionality requirements in detail.

At this stage, I would ask you to provide the copy you’d like me to use (if you have it ready) and any other visual elements you’d like to be present on the website.


Stage 2: Wireframing & Concept Design

Based on the information above and your design preferences, I will start by creating a mockup design of the website.

A design mockup is the first step to visualising the website. While they’re usually not as detailed as the final website will be, they give a visual representation of the site’s overall layout, structure and colours.

At this stage, you’ll receive a PDF visualisation of main pages, including a homepage and templates of service and blog pages. This will give you a chance to make design adjustments before I start developing the website.


Stage 3: Development

I will kick off the technical side of the web design process. This involves the actual development of the website, including the creation of templates, setting up analytics, integrating Google Search Console, adding necessary pixels, cookie notifications, and ensuring usability and mobile-friendliness.


Stage 4: Testing & Optimisation

Once I have finished working, i will move on to test your site’s performance and usability. I will use various tools to benchmark your site for loading, responsiveness, and speed, while also ensuring that it works reliably on all web browsers and mobile devices.

Once the testing is carried out, I will proceed to internal optimisation of the website, including:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Performance and speed optimisation
  • Security


Stage 5: Going Live!

Once you’re happy with the website, I will push it live to the world.

How long does it take to develop a website?

Each case is different. Turnaround times depend on the complexity of the website, project type, functionality/features required and the number of pages.

That said, straightforward websites of moderate complexity take approximately 21 businesses days to deliver.

How much does a website cost?

Prices vary on a case-by-case basis. This will depend on the complexity and size of the website, functionality, type and services/products offered. 

What type of websites do you build?

I work on most websites types, including blogs, personal brands, brochure websites, one-pagers, service websites, eCommerce stores, systems, membership websites, and many more.

Are you able to create exact same design of link provided?
Yes, I can create the exact same design as the sample or link provided. Inbox me the URL of the website you like.
I am in a hurry and need a fast delivery, can you help?
If you are in a hurry, please make this clearly known to me by stating how fast you need your project done.
Do you have a class for those who want to learn?

I mentor individuals and groups in their web development and design career. I will take you from a very beginner to a pro within the shortest possible time.

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